How Long Should A Trench Coat Be?

Trench coats come in a variety of lengths and styles. Learn which type of trench coat is the most flattering for your body type.
Trench coats may have been a practical wardrobe staple for decades, but that doesn’t meant that today’s trenches aren’t versatile and on-trend. With trenches being the hottest (and warmest) style this season, everyone is searching for the right one to add to their fall-weather looks. With so many gorgeous options to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. Finding the right trench coat basically comes down to choosing the length based on your height, body type and style.
So, how long should a trench coat be? Here are three styles that are sure to flatter.

Mid-Length Coats 

Petite ladies, this one is for you. Designed to hit at mid-thigh, medium-length trench coats are perfectly portioned for shorter women. They are also a flattering choice for ladies with slim or angular figures. Because they are heavy on style and light on length, medium-length coats look smart without overwhelming your body.
Belted or left open, a medium-length coat looks great over skinny or loose-fitting pants. Or, pair it with your favorite jeans for a casually chic look that is sure to turn heads. They are also an excellent go-to choice for when the fickle weather calls for an extra layer, but not the heft of a women's winter coat. 

Three-Quarter Length Coats

This is where practical meets chic. A three-quarter length coat should hit right at the knee and is a flattering choice for ladies of every height and body type. But, there’s nothing average about these coats. The classic knee-length trench is a fashion icon that can give every body, and every outfit, a hint of upscale sophistication.
A three-quarter length coat is an excellent choice for when you’re wearing dresses and skirts. To achieve a polished look, pair your coat with a dress of equal or slightly shorter length so that the hem doesn’t peek out. Belt the coat so that your outfit remains a secret to be unveiled indoors, or unbutton the coat and loosen the belt to leave a center gap that allows your outfit to play peek-a-boo. You can also wear this classic coat with pants and tall boots. Just make sure to leave a few inches of gap between the bottom of the coat and the top of your boot to showcase just the right amount of leg or denim.

Full-Length Coats

Tall ladies, meet your new best friend.  Perfect for making a mega style statement, a full-length women’s trench coat is a cozy and versatile option for anyone over 5’7”. For maximum drama and style, a long coat should hit halfway between the knee and ankle.  But, tread carefully and get to know a good tailor. While there is a bit of wiggle room with other styles, the correct length is crucial with this one. If the coat is too long, you’ll be swallowed up in fabric. If it’s too short and you’ll look like the kid that outgrew last year’s wardrobe. 
The long trench coat is a classic look that goes well with nearly every item in your closet. Leave it open and swinging for a chic look that reveals your outfit. The open look is perfect with cropped or fitted pants paired with flats or heels. To stay protected from the elements from head to toe, simply button up your coat.  Just be sure to use the belt to create a flattering waistline and to prevent your body from looking like one long column. 
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